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• INDUSTRIAL THERMAL INSULATION Isotherm Engineering is a fast growing dynamic Team in the business of Industrial Thermal Insulation. Our company ensures customer satisfaction as a matter of first importance through correct Installation processes and procedures for Insulations in accordance to a state of the art Industrial Thermal Insulation Practices. Isotherm is a product of the positive influence of Technology Transfer. Working directly with and learning from Western expatriate Engineers and Supervisors built up our confidence and technical knowhow and as well as deep exposure on what we do. Our team of hands practice veteran have proven records, easily traceable references, in the area of Industrial Thermal Insulation through Hot and Cold conservation energy saving and Acoustic Insulations. We offers services from Project installation stages to continuous and in-service maintenance, Expansions and Modification projects, Industrial Insulation Revamping to meet customer demands. Incase of Cold conservation Insulation we also provide fiber glass application services to protect and prevent Environmental, Atmospheric Conditions and UV-rays effects that could lead to cracking and quick wearing away of Cold Insulation materials especially Insulations Installed Outside the Plant Sections for examples Chiller Cooling Systems. Also we provider accurate material selection and Supply for projects either for as Designed or for Modifications. Isotherm have well qualified and specialized personnel with continuous Training, ready-to-learn at any instances and we offers lasting performance solutions for all requirements that meets international standards and norms.

- Hot Conservation Insulations.
- Cold Conservation Insulations.(Cryogenics)
- Acoustic(Sound) Insulations.
- Ceramic Blankest Insulation.
For higher temperature rage(flexible Insulation)
- Fiberglass application:
Protective coating on Cold insulation.
- Spray Insulation, Mascoat DTI-process.
- Material Supply