Services / Activities


ISOTHERM has the capacity and competency to carry out Mechanical Installations for the Oil & Gas, Marine, Petrochemicals, Chemical industries, Cement industries, Energy Power Stations, Refineries, Agro-allied industries, Food processing industries and Process industries that requires Standard Engineering services. Since the Incorporation of the company, It has participated efficiently and immensely in both micro and macro projects. Our experience in Mechanical Installation covers various disciplines such as Equipment and piping, Air Ducts for HVAC systems, Pneumatic System, Hydraulic Systems and Structural steel works. Our services also include welding/Fabrication and NDT Inspections, Thermocouple PVC Welding process and Fiberglass Welding or Joining Process. Isotherm have network of manpower with adequate training and specialized abilities to carry out our duties faithfully and efficiently. Our background experience also covers special equipments such as; pipeline construction/ Manifold Skids, Pressured vessels: LP, IP & HP Separators, Reactors/Heat exchangers, Boilers, Turbines, Flare Knockout Drum/ Flare Arcs,Free Water Knockout Drum and Atmospheric, Cryogenic vessels. Bonga(s), SBM, Storage tanks, Oil drilling template, Jackets/Decks/Piles, Gas Scrubbers, Columns, Degassing Hoods and static equipment engineering (lifting Equipment).

- Equipment and Piping.
- Air Duct/HVAC
- Pneumatic Systems.
- Hydraulic Systems.
- Welding and Fabrication.
- Thermocouples, PVC Welding process
- Industrial Buildings.
- Platform/Walkways
- Storage Tanks
- Mobile Units
- Silos