Services /Activities

For Cooling Tower Systems.....

Isotherm has devise and develop a cut-edge economy for the industries in the area of Industrial Resin Fiberglass Application process aiding industries to achieve their target. The process is applied to Equipment/Machines that uses Fiberglass parts, especially equipment and machine covers or body frames that produce from Fiberglass. Credit to the toughness and lesser weight of the material and it ability to withstand fatigue it could be used to replace plastic covers that are prone to crack and tear in most vibrating areas. We also apply this to cold insulations to protect the outer surface of the Insulation materials and also Fiberglass Manifolds installations and repairs. Our Main services here includes; Maintenance of broken or damaged fiberglass parts, were it is beyond repairs we can reproduce and replace such parts. Our team has handle specials cases in Cooling Tower basin Installation and leakages repairs, Mogensen Screen Sieving Machine Covers repairs and recasting of New covers. Our services has helped some of our customers to save time and money in their processing. It may look tiny but its save your Factory from down-times.

Equipment and Piping Such as;
- Installation of Cooling Towers Basins and Linkage repairs
- Mogensen Screen Sieving Machine Covers
- Replacement Molding Out of Equipment Cover parts
- Repairs Maintenance of Cracked or broken of Fiberglass Equipment parts
- Application on Cold Conservation Insulated Equipment and Manifolds.