About Us

ISOTHERM ENGINEERING LTD, is a fast growing Company established to meet some of the basic demands of the Industrial sectors such as; Oil & Gas, Marine, Petrochemicals, Chemical industries, Cement industries, Energy Power Stations, Refineries, Agro-allied industries, Food processing industries and other Process industries that required Standard Engineering services. ISOTHERM has the capacity and the experience to handle Mechanical Equipment/piping Installation, Insulations (Hot Conservation Insulation, Cold Conservation Insulation (Cryogenics) and Acoustic (sound) Insulation, (welding and fabrication) Construction, Corrosion Control, Instrumentation & Automation, Fiber glassing, Maintenance service (Asset Management), Industrial supply/labor supply and others Related Technical/Engineering Services. The company started as a result of Golden Sugar Refinery project finishing. Those involved have the most current experience from this massive project construction, built to a state of the art Refinery and to a world class standard. Our jobs are crafted in a tradition of excellence with creativity in diversity while ensuring zero tolerance and maximum quality standards. We are therefore a team who has the most recent and highest quality work experience and expertise in these areas. Our jobs are performed to the highest international standards and norms. Working directly with and learning from expatriate Engineers and Supervisors built up our confidence and technical knowhow and as well as deep exposure on what we do.
ISOTHERM is born out of years of experience of our team members on engineering practice through various projects and our team of hands practice veteran has proven records, easily traceable references. Hence, we are set to reach out to Industries who required standard services and we would be glad for your profound patronage through which we can contribute our quota to the timely and successful delivery of your projects and as well broaden our work experience frontier, with the aim to ensure the growth, development and expansion of this company. The company will serve your organization with absolute honesty and humility to the best of our ability and knowledge through our technical expertise, professionalism and accountability. The company will also ensure safety as a matter of first importance while rendering out our service through the application of correct and safe Engineering practices.